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Cooperativa Agrícola RIBADOURO

Cooperativa Agrícola RIBADOURO

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About us



The company was founded on February 3rd 1959.


The main message of RIBADOURO is “The continuation of tradition.” expresses how much we care for wine and traditions from the Northern Portugal.


The production is distributed by four wine brands - Pauliteiros, Mirandum,  Lhéngua Mirandesa IGP and Ribeira do Corso DOC. Each wine brand is related to the region's history.


The Region

Cooperativa Agrícola RIBADOURO is located in the region of Trás os Montes e Alto Douro, municipality of Miranda do Douro, in Sendim.
In the beginning the vine-growing region of Trás-os-Montes was a IPR (Indication of Regulated Provenance) region, however in 2006 it became a DOC (Registered Designation of Origin) region.
 This vine-growing region is bordered by the Douro region, one of the most ancient wine producing regions, and is divided into three subregions: Chaves, Planalto Mirandês and Valpaços. mapa de região


The vineyards of Planalto Mirandês are located by the Douro river.  Due to region's weather conditions, harsh winters and hot summers, grape production is made without the need of pesticide treatments. The wines produced in the subregion of Planalto Mirandês.

The main varieties of the Planalto Mirandês include the Bastardo, Gouveio, Malvasia Fina, Red Mourisco, Rabo de Ovelha, Red Amarela, Touriga Francesa, Touriga Nacional and Viosinho.

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Cooperativa Agrícola Ribadouro CRL
(Sendim e Atenor)
Sendim - Ribadouro

A wide range of top quality wine at the best price!

Estrada Nacional 221
5225-103 SENDIM
( Miranda do Douro  -  Sendim e Atenor )
273 739 252
273 739 550